Synthetic Putting Green For Your Backyard

Synthetic putting greens are becoming more and more popular especially those made from artificial grass. The idea of being able to get all that putting practice in on your own synthetic putting green without leaving your home is a stuff of dreams.

These days it is an achievable goal with your rear garden becoming your new training ground where you can improve your game. More and more people  are having installed their own synthetic putting green which are made from artificial grass specially designed to emulate the real feel of natural grass becoming the green of choice.

Synthetic Putting GreenAll you need is enough room for a reasonable sized synthetic putting green one that can provide you an adequate putting distance.

Synthetic greens not only look great, some even comment that their new synthetic putting green looks as good as the greens of a local golf course.  A synthetic putting green made from artificial turf acts like a natural grass green where the ball can run truly and allowing chip shots the same way.

Your own synthetic putting green can be designed with multiple holes and can be naturally banked so those downhill and uphill putts can be practiced.

Synthetic putting greens use a special design of artificial grass that is shorter than other types of artificial grass blades so they functionally provide just the right conditions for putting green practice. Your synthetic putting green made from this specially designed artificial grass can become indistinguishable from the real thing.

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