Synthetic Lawns Are So Eco Friendly

With recent droughts and Australian cities putting into place water restrictions, the cost of water spiraling out of control, many of us are looking for ways to reduce our water usage. The installing  of synthetic lawns using synthetic grass provides the perfect solution to not only lower water use, lowering water bills but makes one a world eco warriors as well.

The average home uses about 70% of their water for outdoor use. The installation of synthetic lawns reduces ones environmental footprint by drastically reducing the amount of water that is used. Choosing synthetic lawns is a great way to become environmentally friendly without really a lot of effort.

The maintenance of  lawns and keeping natural grass looking green also contributes to a large extent to the environmental impact on our world. Many install expensive sprinkler systems that are wasteful and cause water bills to skyrocket. The lawn needs to be maintained often with a landscaper or by bringing out your lawn mower yourself using petrol that contributes to carbon emissions. The use of fertilizers and weed killers and pesticides can make the natural grass surface unsafe as well as the leaching of unwanted chemicals into the soil and environment. By installing synthetic lawns which are almost maintenance free, think of the money one can  save on landscaping fees, the amount of time saved if you do your own maintenance and the money you save on costly water bills. Without a doubt, installing synthetic lawns ticks all the boxes being eco-friendly, time friendly and cost friendly.

Impress your neighbors and have the best looking lawn in your suburb. Synthetic grass looks green and great year round and does not need to be maintained like normal grass. Prepare yourself for the next drought by installing a synthetic lawn. When a drought occurs and water-saving restrictions are enacted, cities will generally take two courses of action to force water conservation, by raising water prices or put into place strict limits on when a lawn can be watered.

When the next water crisis occurs, demand for artificial grass will go up drastically and will result in higher prices as companies try to meet demand. Stay ahead of the curve and save money by installing a synthetic lawn today before this happens. Synthetic lawns not only look good but are a great investment as well as well as helping you to become more environmentally friendly

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