Synthetic Grass Installation Process.

There are many factors involved with synthetic grass installation including materials used, installation techniques, environmental conditions, etc. that vary for each particular installation site or area.

Synthetic grass installation can be a DIY project if the area of synthetic grass installation is small. For larger projects it is recommended that the synthetic grass installation be performed by professional layers. Melbourne Synthetic Grass can answer all your questions about synthetic grass installation and landscaping

The diagrams below give an idea what is involved in the synthetic grass installation process.


Synthetic Grass Installation Step 1


Excavate lawn to the depth of 75mm.




Synthetic Grass Installation Step 2


Fill with crushed rock/roadbase 75mm and compact with vibrating plate to 50mm.




Synthetic Grass Installation Step 3


Lay a layer of crushers dust and level with a rake and compact again with vibrating plate.




Synthetic Grass Installation Step 4


Roll out your Melbourne Synthetic Grass on the surface. Make sure that the piles run the same direction.  Cut over-hanging lawn with a stanley knife. Join the rolls of grass together with Melbourne Synthetic Grass tape.



Synthetic Grass Installation Step 5


Once you have covered the whole area, pin with 100mm galvanised flathead nails.




Synthetic Grass Installation Step 6


Sprinkle dry, washed, sand about 5mm deep over the laid lawn. A hard bristled broom can be used to sweep the sand into the base of the turf grass.